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The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack.

"Democracy ends where violence begins!"

Dear Readers,

As you will know, today is the European elections and as a responsible citizen, which you probably are, you naturally go to the polls, especially to protect democracy, don't you?

"Democracy ends where violence begins!" Those were roughly the words of President Steinmeier at the recent funeral service for a police officer.

Freedom is indeed a great good, but when a people abuse their freedom by throwing all the values given to us overboard and misinterpreting this freedom and democracy by no longer realising that, for the reasons mentioned, freedom has long since become a lack of freedom for many people, then we should start to listen attentively!

So it's time that these supposedly voting citizens learnt to accept and testify to the truth first and so we should be glad when a higher force becomes active!

My person personally will take these good citizens to the cleanser`s, who are entitled to vote, who presumably all call themselves honourable Europeans, but who have not even borne true witness to the monumental events!

Remember: When democracy ends, a Monarchy begins, which by necessity, but only temporarily, must have dictatorial tendencies!

9 June 2024