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Big mistake

The rest is for the ton or possibly for the embryonic stem-cell- research?!!


" My body, my decision. Away with §219a ! "


Big mistake:

Not my decision because, the grow up life does not belong to me and does not belongs my body, however, in my body must be carried the child to full term!

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Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld  15, 23564 Luebeck


Federal Medical Association

Study Group of the German Medical Associations

Post Office Box 120 864

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The document should be used please as a worldwide CC also to the abortionists & abortionists female as last reminder!

Please let the document be translated in many languages and be handed over to the corresponding persons.


Germany, Luebeck, 3rd of August, 2019


Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Rules, Dear Readers!

The grow up life already has the predisposition of an own and individual identity and a little later already an own impulse!

It belongs at every moment and basically the Creation only, as well as every person also cannot belong to another person!

It does not belong to the mother or father and therefore each of these unarguable questions about such a decision against the new life is an extremely incalculable intervention directly in Creation!

A human life, also your life, was given from the beginning of the origin of life by the destiny and therefore by the fertilization in the care of the body and responsibility of the mother and her surroundings.

Therefore there is no other alternative to carry the conceived life to full term at least responsibly, while "the destiny" of the mother and child has to be accepted. Should a mother really reject "her" unwanted child after birth or is still too young for the birth and for the "mother's duties", the future grandparents come to the joint responsibility for mother and child.

The unwanted child or the newborn child can be released in the care or to the adoption ** to married couples whose are childless and therefore a heart's desire of these married couples can become true, by what the newborn child can be adopted a lot of the adoptive parents.

The "Creation act" of the artificial fertilization and concerning this all other experiments must be immediately finished, so that cannot be intervened even longer negatively into Creation and directly in the circulation of life!

By this act of Creation are produced very often miscarriages, which were caused then indirectly by human hand and are not determined exclusively by the destiny.

A miscarriage can be a heavy stroke of fate, however, as a rule is not to be classified as by the diabolical hand of fellows with intent of a homicide.

Attention: Not only in case of an abortion but also by a miscarriage the embryo or foetus can be abused as an unborn life for experimental purposes what can particularly the embryonic stem-cell-research benefit from situation and "such dangerous games" must have unmistakably an end!

Not seldom it comes to unnatural multiple births by an artificial fertilization and often some of the children do not survive. Often twins are also born by an artificial fertilization  who are alive by human hand and the destiny.

You as abortionists-faculty harm the young girls or women more than you will foresee, because there will remain for the respective mother whom her child has aborted always an indirect connection to her child between the Creation as a "stayed open place/ modified point",  what absolutely also in weakened form for the begetter and father is valid and it will presumably apply also for the brothers and sisters of the aborted life; also it can be on both sides a matter of all affected members of the family.

Your real job also as the mentioned below gynaecologists would be  to make yourselves experts about just these contents of this document by agreeing questionings with the affected persons, because we move as humanity quite obviously towards the end of the time or " end of the world ",  however, by the testament of the Book of Revelation getting a fair chance for every person is planned to be able to settle one`s things here on earth or, however, "Somewhere else", while as a consideration a basis of life for a new beginning must be worked out.

It is always about finding the truth and not about some thought up stories or displacement processes, which is not quite simply be made out, nevertheless.

Should some mothers or affected people of an abortion get in psychoses or in similar serious states like anxiety states, which could originate from the opening of some danger circles, these states are not groundless; in this case  a treatment with psychiatric drugs and/ or the protection would be to be advised by the stay in a suitable clinic or psychiatry together with people with seriously neuroses and possibly the abortion staff or the causers should be consulted, too.

All the other psychically ill people and all drug-addicted people should have furnished homely in the provided castles of the world for a transition period and for the duration of their illnesses, as already several times substantiated!

This is an offer, which mainly you as affected persons or stooges of the devil should not reject in own interest and in the interest of a possible future. However, it is very, very sad, that up to the present day yet mainly you are not informed about the colossal state of the events or quite simply you want to ignore this events, what probably hits the nail on the head more likely!

Extract from the Internet:

"The list is according to the Federal Medical Association currently still in the construction and registers up to now only 87 ones. All over the country are about 1,200 doctors and doctors female, whose perform abortions. Whether they want to sign up as doctors and doctors female on the list, they can decide as a doctor voluntarily.“


Indeed, this doctors can decide as the stooges voluntarily, however you and  everybody else definitely do not decide on unborn life, without it will have high consequences of every affected person at least after one`s life!


Yours sincerely, Ursula Sabisch

HP: Notices: An adoption cannot be carried out in a well-ordered future and in a well-ordered circulation of life without an examination and an approval of a "true Clergy " and the possible worldwide future of humanity first of all must be  initiated" and managed, as much as is humanly possible!